Parsons Creek Farm has been developed for the breeding of thoroughbreds and as such there are excellent stable complexes, with an efficient laneway system providing seamless access to all paddocks.

Carrying Capacity

Parsons Creek Farm can accommodate approx. 40 broodmares and their foals plus around 10 spellers along with our own horses.

Stallion Complex

Separate Stallion Complex complete with all-steel barn and yards.

The Racing Office

Clients & guests can meet up in our fully equipped racing office located near the homestead stables. There is also a full size in ground pool for guests & staff adjacent to the office.

Horse Walker 

6 horse automated walker with extra large bays.

Stable Complex

Stable is 465m2 comprising of:

  • 6 Horse Boxes with misters over all boxes;
  • Wash down bay, vet crush, vet room, tack room, feed room, store room;
  • Receival yards, with loading ramps;
  • Day yards with diamond mesh fencing, irrigated and pastured with feed shelters;
  • Central laneways connect all paddocks & yards; and
  • Pre-Training Race Track. We are currently upgrading our 4km training track to further enhance the services offered to our clients.